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Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm a writer and artist.*

I believe we learn about ourselves by consuming art.

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​Ashley's ​second​ anthology, ​Vices and Virtues: A Horror Anthology is available on Amazon NOW!

With stories from some of the best up-and-coming horror authors today, Vices and Virtues will touch the center of your soul and leave it burning. There is more to these stories than just the surface. These stories are equal parts empathy, ennui, and melancholia mixed with terrifying truths, shockingly horrible twists, and heart-crushing endings.

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Praise for ​Vices and Virtues

Dathan Auerbach

​Author of Penpal


It feels like I'm holding a nightmare and I love it.


​Delight in the disturbing, horrible,

and beautiful text awaiting you.​

Delight in the disturbing, horrible, and beautiful text awaiting you.
E.Z. Morgan - Author of The 1%

​E.Z. Morgan

Author of The 1%

Tobias Wade - Author of 51 Sleepless Nights

​Tobias Wade

​Author of 51 Sleepless Nights


​You aren't reading these stories: you're living them​...

You aren't reading these stories: you're living them

​Ashley's first solo anthology, titled The Laws of Nature is available on all major platforms!

Discover for yourself why this horror anthology has an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon

This collection of short stories is sure to provide you with equal parts terror, anxiety, nostalgia, and depravity as you explore a universe that is both horrific and, at points, familiar. These stories pull on your heartstrings and draw you into a world that will force you to acknowledge your fears, allow you to cuddle with them, and ultimately leave you feeling more human afterwards.

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The first story of The Laws of Nature was narrated and featured on The Nosleep Podcast and has been posted to YouTube by the excellent team at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. Beware. This story may disturb you.

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The Laws of Nature audiobook was narrated by the YouTube and horror community famous MrCreepyPasta!

About the Author

My name is Ashley. I write because I want to understand the human experience. What makes us tick, and why we do the things we do.

I write stories about tragedy, anxiety and horror, poetry about loss and longing, and I take photos of the wonderful things that inspire me. If I create a single honest piece of art in my life, I will consider myself a success. Sometimes I just want to make jokes about cans of spam, though. So there's also that.

* Yes, I'm the guy in the photos.

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