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​I'm going to do something that I don't normally do with this post. I'm going to review something that I've read. This is abnormal for me, only because I spend most of my time writing or working on my own projects. Will I review stuff in the future? Sure. But I don't know when. Hopefully you enjoy this piece, but I'm not sure how frequently reviews will come out of me.

​Most books I read go back on my shelf. I appreciate them and enjoy them for what they are.

The poetry section of my shelves has been steadily growing in the past months. This collection of poems will remain among my others. Some old, some new.

What I enjoyed about this collection was that it is both old and new. It was published in 2016, but many of the poems date to the 70s; some to the 90s. At least one was from the 60s, submitted to some publications that are now out of print.

So what the reader is given is a piece of a poet. Many of the works appear to have been achieved as a young man attending college. Another burst of poems appear to be a return to the medium after a break.

That fascinated me while reading.

"I will again make poetry my God..."

​When I'm reading poetry, I first look to the creativity of the rhyming schemes. If there are not traditional rhymes, I look to the grammar and the writer's understanding of our language.

Jonathan Finch understands grammar, and often will play with an idea once and move on to other ideas. I enjoyed that. From one poem that boldly ended with a few words in parenthesis, to another that tiptoed around the phrase "crocodile tears" without ever expressly using the words in that order.

There's another poetry book by Jonathan after this one. I will be purchasing it.

Some poems were more creative than others, which is what I personally seek out when reading poetry. My favorite was "Bad Dreams," in which Jonathan writes cleverly about fishermen. This poem contained my favorite line from the collection, though it was not the only line that I will remember. I suppose ending with a quote is as best a way to leave this review. These words will stick with me. I encourage you to pick up this book and discover which words will stick with you.

"These are the days when madmen howl the moon from hiding."

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