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​I've been writing guest posts for other websites, recently because of the new launch for Vices and Virtues.

​If you want to see the types of stuff I've been writing, here are three of those posts.

The first article was for Eric Lahti's website. It is entitled Writing Without Fear. I talk about Tolstoy, the difference between good art and great art, and attempt to deep dive the motivations of some of the greatest artists of recorded history. It's tailored toward other writers and creatives, but anyone interested in entertainment will find something in this article to relate to.

The second article is an article about chasing your writing dreams without limiting yourself. It's entitled Vices and Virtues and I talked about the process of writing and working on the new book. This was for the website Rising Shadow.

The last article was a Q&A session about the new book. Check it out to learn more about OD Book Reviews' website and the process of creating this book.

In a few weeks, things will get back to normal. I'm planning on doing monthly posts once things level off. That's something I can absolutely maintain on this site for awhile.

Once I get some of these projects off of my shoulders, two posts a month will be something I can handle.

Sharing counts as support! Thanks for the Internet hugs!
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