Black Pasta

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are a number of blog posts that I’ve been working on. More and more promises–ha.

I do always pull through on my promises, though. They will run the gambit. The whole point of this site is to be my creative outlet.

Some days there will be posts about things that inspire me and art that I enjoy. Hopefully those posts will provide insights into who I am as an artist/writer/creator.

A few posts will be me giving back to the writers who follow me by talking about the author’s journey.

Other days will be filled with collaborations and projects I’m exploring. Like today.

Mr. Black Pasta is a new guy to the narration scene.

He contacted me a month or so ago and I did my normal obsessive thing where I looked at his previous work and googled the hell out of him.

He absolutely checks out.

I’ve worked with a few narrators throughout the horror community thus far–including some of the most popular guys who keep me in their Rolodex, just like I keep them in mine.

Mr. Black Pasta is a dude to keep tabs on and I’m glad to have caught him so early in his career.

There is an impressive amount of effort going into his projects. Audio additions besides the narration; visual compliments to the stories; even additional concepts squeezed into the stories.

He both read my story and interpreted it.

Which is cool.

This is more than just a rehash. It’s another creator taking something I’ve done and being inspired to create their own vision of it.

I can get behind that sort of effort any day of the week. Check out the videos below if you’re as into that as much as I am.


If you enjoyed that, please check out Mr. Black Pasta’s website and follow him on social media.

Sharing counts as support! Thanks for the Internet hugs!
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