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Nosleep authors are some of the most creative writers currently writing fiction on the internet. Nosleep is a horror writing subreddit on the popular site affectionately known as the front page of the internet. The community has grown from obscurity to become the largest horror platform on the internet. At the time of this writing (October, 2016) there are over 8 million users subscribed to the subreddit. Over 7.5 million of those users have joined in the last three years. And it was just a little over 4 million in January of this year (2016).

I first started becoming involved with Nosleep back in 2013. I mostly perused and by 2014 I had made an account and began posting stories. The experience was intoxicating, and I learned a lot from posting my stories there. At the time, the sub was only 200,000 strong, but it has since become a juggernaut. I often frequent the sister sub, NosleepOOC, where the stories of Nosleep are discussed and the Nosleep authors can chat with the readers and fans alike.

"The rules are simple. Everything is true. Even if it isn't."

The main sub is where the action is, though. The rules are simple. Everything is true. Even if it's not. Every user who posts a story has to do so in such a way that it could be perceived as a true story. Every comment must also treat the story as true. What results is an incredibly immersive horror experience that has caught on like wildfire.

Stories on Nosleep have spread to news venues, where the truth behind the story was not initially known. Other stories have been published on Amazon to great acclaim. Penpal by Dathan Auerbach was so successful that the story was collected into a book and currently has hundreds of five star reviews--even making it onto top horror book lists. Some stories have even been optioned for films by writers like the very popular Michael Kemp. Nosleep has become so popular that a successful Podcast (The Nosleep Podcast) has launched and is currently on the Top 100 list in Podcast popularity.

Many of the writers of Nosleep have gone on to publish books. Some Nosleep authors have even published outside of the horror genre, like Edward O'Tool. One of my buddies, Mikey, recently published his own collection of poetry and songs called Typos Included. You should really check it out. All proceeds for that book are going to a good cause.

Below are all of the Nosleep authors with published books that I am currently aware of. I own many of these, myself, as I believe in supporting my fellow authors and writing peers. I would like to encourage you to do the same. If you're a fan of my stuff, you'll definitely enjoy these. If you want some more specific recommendations, feel free to message me on social media or from the contact page and we can chat.

Happy reading!


Elias Witherow aka /u/Elias_Witherow

Elias has done an amazing job breaking out into the Nosleep arena. He is one of the newer writers there and his success is absolutely warranted. He's one of the Nosleep authors to keep an eye on.

Max Aaron aka /u/iia

Max is another recent addition to the Nosleep community. Known mostly for his body horror stories, his abilities as a writer are not how gross he can make a scene, but how much he makes you care about the characters experiencing the horrors of the stories.

Visit Max's author site here:

Christopher Bloodworth aka /u/BloodworthOOC

Bloodworth pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling and design as often as he can. His success is something many envy, but he's put in the years of work to get to where he is. I won't be surprised in ten years when he's the one out of all of us who is making six figures writing and creating things that truly mess with people's minds. I've had the pleasure of working with him on a few projects and every time he brings something special. Bloodworth does a lot right, both in his writing and in his marketing. Many Nosleep authors could learn a thing or two from watching him.

Help support Bloodworth by purchasing directly from his author page at:

Dathan Auerbach aka /u/1000vultures

Dathan is the single most successful writer to come out of the Nosleep community. Penpal is listed on several top 100 websites for horror books, and the book has sold thousands of copies. It has been a true breakout: movie deals and all sorts of stuff. He's been working on a new project, recently. Everyone's excited to see what happens next.

Milos Bogetic aka /u/inaaace

Milos brings a lot of realism to his writing. The truth in his words reverberate throughout everything he writes and makes you wonder how much of it is his creation and how much of it is the world as he has experienced it. He's a Nosleep legend.

Khristopher Mallory aka /u/stealthfiction

Kristopher is not only a talented writer, but also an excellent coordinator and skilled leader. He is known for his own stories, but truly shines when he leads his group projects such as Daylight Dims--collections of Nosleep authors and other horror writers, complimented with amazing artwork. I've worked with him a few times over the years and it is always a pleasure.

C.K. Walker aka /u/The_Dalek_Emperor

Walker is, in my biased opinion, one of the most talented of us. She's on another level, and I try to pull her into every single project I can. If anyone of us is going to write a story that will change someone's life, it will be her.

E.Z. Morgan aka /u/EZmisery

EZ has published two books in six months and amassed a very well deserved following. EZ's output is staggering and the fandom is well earned. She's a powerhouse.

Rona Vaselaar aka /u/sleepyhollow_101

Rona writes with emotional weight and sincerity in a way that truly touches any reader willing to travel down the dark road. Well worth the read. Every single time. We've also worked together a few times, so I'm absolutely biased.

J.P. Carver aka /u/jp_carver

JP is determined and is well on the path toward increased success. JP's work ethic is nothing short of amazing.

Nic McCool aka /u/nicmccool

Nic is a heavy hitter. {Smile} is one of the most creative, twisting tales to have come through the Nosleep world. If you haven't heard of Nic, please read his stuff because it's amazing.

Christopher Maxim aka /u/Christopher_Maxim

Christopher likes to make his readers think. I'm a fan of that style of story telling. He has found a lot of success on other sites besides just Nosleep. Maybe you've even read some of his stuff on the CreepyPasta sites.

Ashley Franz Holzmann aka /u/AsForClass

This is me. Check out the Books page up top for more information. Our click on the Start Here page to learn more about me.

Manen Lyset aka /u/manen_lyset

Manen is known for two things: being a genuinely amazing person, and writing with emotional weight. Both are absolutely true and every time Manen and I interact I come away with a smile.

Kevin Sharp /u/Orphanology

I'm a sucker for a compelling cover. The words are also well worth it.

Matt Dymerski aka /u/M59Gar

Matt is absolutely prolific. He is an unstoppable force, steadily crawling his way up the literary ladder. I cannot wait to see him continue to grow in his career.

T.W. Grim aka /u/theworldisgrim

Grim is also featured in a few of the group anthologies on these pages. Grim constantly churns out new works and it absolutely skilled in both writing and thinking of new ways to make readers think.

Chris Sauter aka /u/chriszeke2

Chris has amazingly compelling ideas and is one of the few authors from Nosleep that has been traditionally published. Chris writes beautifully, and I would encourage anyone to read his stories.

Leonard Petracci aka /u/LeoDuhVinci

Leonard is one of those authors that everyone in the Nosleep community cites as an all time favorite and influence. He deserves that amount of praise, as he is keenly aware of the things that put us on edge. He's quickly becoming a juggernaut with his recent book launches.

Help support Leaonard by purchasing directly through his author page at:

Matthew Walker aka /u/MightyBobBarker

Matthew is creative in an emotional sense. His words will touch you and make you think.

M.J. Pack aka /u/megdonalds

Pack is another traditionally published Nosleeper, who signed with the Thought Catalog publishing arm. Check out Pack's books. They're well put together and there's a reason Pack was signed.

Doug Hantke aka /u/Suspense304

Doug has managed to have a very steady output in a surprisingly short span of time. There's a reason his books are so consistently well received.

Michael Whitehouse aka /u/MichaelWhitehouse

Michael has been continuing to impress me over the years. He cares about every aspect of his stories and how they are presented. You can see that just form the thought put in to his book designs. His creativity is an asset.

Hugh W. Fraser aka /u/hughwouldnotbelieve

A foot in science fiction, and a foot in horror--Hugh is a writer who has the skill enough to navigate both simultaneously.

S.H. Cooper

S.H. is a new writer on the block. Check out their work, you won't regret it!

Seamus M Coffey /u/xylonex

Seamus is an intense individual with an intense style of writing that keeps any reader on the edge of their seat. Seamus is also one of the moderators of the Nosleep community.

M.J. Orz aka /u/xIAmSpartacusx

Creative and dripping with potential. Orz is someone to keep an eye on. Maybe two eyes.

Michael Guidry aka /u/Wilibine

As with many Nosleep writers, Michael excels at keeping readers guessing and creating original plots that twist and turn in the most satisfying of ways.

Vincent V. Cava aka /u/Vincent_VenaCava

Vincent has shown true diversity over time as both an original writer and a group lead for several projects. One of his books is even a comedy oriented collection. I've worked with him before, and even drew and designed the cover for the Dark Tales anthology.

Dr. Michael Margin & Matthew A. Sellek aka /u/TheRealDrMargin

The Dr. Margin series is something every Nosleep fan should read. This book is an excellent excuse to do so. Scary stories are tackled in truly interesting ways within the pages.

M.C. Angelus aka /u/rainbowdracula

An honestly original storyteller.

The Group Anthology One-Offs

The Assembly was a small group of Nosleep writers who banned together to publish a book. Some of them have continued to write, like Grim. The second book was partially organized by MrCreepyPasta of YouTube fame: an awesome guy who narrated my first audiobook. A great guy to work with.

L.A. More

I've already mentioned that I'm a sucker for a good cover. This is no different. The creativity on the inside is just as expressive as the cover.

-30- Press

-30- Press is the independent publishing company that I started with two of my friends. Check out these anthologies and stalk the authors who write them. They're the up-and-comers throughout the horror genre.

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